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Welcome to KJB Images!

I'm Kent J Burkhardsmeier and KJB Images represents my photographic art collection.
My outdoor photographic art features nature's beauty and the emotions it invokes.
My images are available for purchase in various sizes and medium. Contact me for more information.

Photograph by dasFotohaus


As a photographic artist, I’m inspired by outdoor nature (al fresco) where I find peace and comfort. I’m moved by the openness and serenity found within nature. The outdoors stirs emotions that act as the motivation for my art.

My images embrace time and place with room to meander, quiet to relax the mind, and space to ponder. They are an invitation to enter the realm within, to soothe the soul, and to experience solace.

I create surreal, transitional art—realism infused with a touch of abstraction or ambiguity—using photographic tools and artistic techniques.  My artwork exhibits a painterly style suggestive of landscape watercolor paintings; layered, relaxed palette, subtle details, and enriched through textured fine art medium.


A modest and humble upbringing, surrounded by vast and open landscape — I grew up in North Dakota, USA with beauty emanating from commonplace. Here I developed an appreciation for the simpler aspects of life, explored the outdoors, started photographing, and uncovered a passion to travel. College and a successful business career provided opportunities to live in distant lands (Colorado, Florida, Texas, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Italy, and the UK) — always appreciating and exploring.

Travel offers me an opportunity to create new images to amplify my artist voice. Each image reveals a paused reverence; in harmony with the essence of my childhood and the mindfulness of the place.

KJB Images | Fine Art Photography | Deerfield Beach, FL USA

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