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Whispers From Nature — original poetry and outdoor photography inspired by nature bound into attractive coffee table books.


One day as I was meditating while viewing images I had made within nature, I discovered poems flowing onto paper like clouds gently floating across a serene blue sky. Nature whispered gracefully. Together, the thoughtful interflow of words and images quieted my mind, calmed the tension within me, and soothed my soul.

I designed these pleasing coffee table books with a gentle flow, combining nature's beauty and her poetic whispers. Take a walk in the midst of nature with inspired poems while letting your soul escape into her visual presence. Each page is an invitation to enter a state of well-being with Stillness and Awareness. 

Author and poet, Kent J Burkhardsmeier contemplating nature

Photograph by Claudia Johnstone

softness of blue sky dotted with clouds

Awareness is a book I go back to whenever I want to feel closer to the world around me

I find Stillness, Kent Burkhardsmeier’s breathtaking volume of poetry and photography, so elevating and worth recommending—because it captures the power of nature to quiet the mind. It’s a spiritual experience in itself to see joy arise from stillness—and that’s what happens to me as I page through the book.

Melinda French Gates—
author of best seller The Moment of Lift


AWARENESS is the second book in the Whispers From Nature collection. AWARENESS continues the journey I began in STILLNESS—recording nature's whispers and inviting nature inside as I stepped into my outdoor images.


STILLNESS, speaks about centering while present with nature. Whereas AWARENESS ponders nature's messages, insights, and her shared wisdom. The combined poetry-photography spreads, share “uncovered inner pearls.

Inside Nature - Fresh Air with Awareness: Whispers From Nature book

awareness—whispers from nature,

leads me to stillness

stillness—whispers from nature,

opens me to awareness

Coffee Table Photobook Awareness by Kent J Burkhardmseier of KJB Images

11" x 11"

96 pages

Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Available in two versions:

  • Artist's Edition

  • Limited Edition of 100. 
    (Numbered, signed, and stamped for authenticity)

Inside with nature, Reverence from Awareness: Whispers From Nature book
Coffee Table Photobook Stillness by Kent J Burkhardsmeier of KJB Images

11" x 11"

96 pages

Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Available in two versions:

  • Artist's Edition,

  • Limited Edition of 100 
    (Numbered, signed, and
    stamped for authenticity)


STILLNESS intertwines outdoor landscape images with original, inspired poems. 

Each poem reveals my journey seeking peace in nature—through her universal voice of presence, centering, and hope.


The images offer space for the heart and mind to wander—carefree.

Inside with Nature, Shining Through from Stillness: Whispers From Nature book
Inside with nature, First Blue from Stillness: Whispers From Nature book
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