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My fine art prints are offered in limited editions and open editions.

The usage and conventions for Limited Editions within photography tends to vary depending on who you speak with, what their role is, and even when they were asked. Therefore, I put together my usage and standards for my Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.

Each of my Limited Edition Fine Art Prints are printed following conservation standards on archival fine art print paper using archival pigment ink. Limited Edition Fine Art prints come with a signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity. 

I base each of my Fine Art Editions on 4 components (Image, Size, Medium, and Technique). I have a predefined limit for the edition according to the size of the printed image. The following table shows the standard sizes of my Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, the limit of the prints, and an example of my numbering convention.

Paper Size



Artist - A4 | Letter | A3+ | ~18" x 27"

Gallery - A2 | ~20" x 30"

Designer - A1 | ~24" x 36"

Collector - ~30" x 45"

Commission - ~40" x 60"












The maximum number of printed versions of an image using the same medium and technique across all standard sizes would be 61.  Anything larger than 30” x 45” would be a bespoke/custom order and limited to 1 or 2 images. I print a few (1 to 3) artist’s proofs to help me confirm the best fine art paper and verify the printed image meets my artistic standards.

At present, my Limited Edition Fine Art prints are available from the USA and UK.

USA Limited Edition prints – are individually printed using a Hahnemuhle Certified print studio. Limited Edition prints are released on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper.

UK Limited Edition prints – are printed following my standards by an Epson Digigraphie authorized laboratory, Hahnemuhle Certified Studio, and/or Fine Art Trade Guild members. When it is not possible for me to sign the print, I have a personal stamp placed on the back of the print using archival pigment ink that matches an embossed stamp on the signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity.

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