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my signature framing style

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

When an artist expresses the beauty of their vision it is to create works of art. My artwork encompasses the subject and composition, the paper and texture, a color palette, mounting and matting, and the frame - What I call my signature style.

My photographic vision is simple, unpretentious images with subtle movements, quiet composition, and pleasing colors. There is an invitation to enter that which has been captured, to contemplate, relax, and find comfort – leaving daily worries and stress outside while viewing my images.

I’ve created a unique framing style as part of my photographic artwork. Together the image and framing style define my signature fine art pieces. It is a soft and simple style that draws you into the image while not competing with the photograph. Each image is beautiful alone but together they define my signature style - a style to reinforce my vision.

I only print my images on the finest fine art photography paper – usually a beautifully textured, matte archival paper.  When possible, I hand deckle the edges removing the sharp edges to reinforce the softness of my images.

This framing style highlights the printed image as a piece of artwork allowing it to float at the center with surrounding breathing space.  The floating fine art print is placed within a soft, elegant yet deep mat border. The border provides a platform where the viewer can leave behind stress and chaos while presenting a graceful means to enter the image.

The outside perimeter of the artwork is enclosed by a smooth and simple, white wooden frame. The white wood is minimal by design and desire – not distracting yet providing definition and shape to the piece of art.

Together, the image, paper, texture, edging, mounting, matting, and framing come together as my artwork.


Illustrative photos of my signature framing style:

float mount photograph with deckled edges
float mount photograph with deckled edges
float mount photograph with deckled edges
upclose deckled edges of limited edition print
deckled edge of photographic print

Finished Fine Art Prints with my signature framing style:

framed float mount wall art
framed float mount wall art over bed
framed float mount print on display
framed float mount wall art over fireplace
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