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Welcome to KJB Images Musings

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

**updated 1/07/2021

Welcome!  I am really glad you found my blog site and are taking the time to interact with me.  I look forward to having a meaningful interaction with you!

Blog Intentions

My intent for this blog is threefold: (1) share the story behind a photo or series of photos, (2) share my artistic inspirations — fellow photographers and artists, helpful links, or whatever else that inspires me to further my creative motivation, and (3) share some tips and tricks I use as part of my photographic endeavors.

I’ve noticed, too often, that photography sites tend to dive directly into a technical discussion (techniques, tools, gear, etc.)  at the expense of the artistic impact of the image on the viewer or the photographer’s vision behind the image. So, as you view a photo—notice where your eyes travel. Does the photo stir up an emotion within you? Does the photo create a story for you? Does one of your memories get stimulated from the photos?  

Share what you discovered as you viewed the image – this provides us an opportunity to have a conversation and learn from each other.


  1. Practice the ‘Golden Rule(s)’ and I’m not talking about photography’s compositional golden rule.

  2. Be constructive.  My mother used to say “If you can’t say anything nice than don’t say anything.”  It is okay to say nothing.  Destructive comments will be delete.

  3. Be respectful.

  4. Seek to understand.

  5. Avoid technical critique.  I’m sure there are millions of ways a photo "shoulda, woulda, coulda" been improved.  The web is full of wonderful sites that can explain “how to,” “with what,” and “where to” information and on occasion, I’ll point you to a few that I’ve found helpful.


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