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Reverence - for I see
essence of huangshan

As I stood before these grand mountains, I was at peace while witnessing a harminous relationship between atmosphere, rock, and tree.  With patience and a presence, I felt the mist lingering over the mountains as it obscured, exposed, and defined this charmed land.

While creating each image, I allowed my spirit to transport to a land of enchantment.  They are my tribute to momentum of nature--the essence of Huangshan.

Flatirons, Boulder Colorado
al fresco

Receptive and peaceful settings encountered within the outdoors through inspirational photography.


My al fresco pieces depict the solace I experience while immersed in Nature. 

Surreal blue ocean

Motion and time applied to photography yield dreamlike settings. Including these techniques together with al fresco photography provide a means for me to create reflective and flowing images.


These images are the beginning of a new body of work titled "landscape incognito."

Field of wheat under blue skies in north dakota

on location

Each location has special meaning to me—often it is a place I visit repeatedly.


These places have had a unique effect on me, photographically, artistically, and/or intellectually. 

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