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China - a land of intrigue, allure, and mystery.

During 2019, I visited China as part of a photography tour.  These images are the submissions made to LensWork Publishing.  My Diaphanous Sand project was selected to be published in the 2019 Seeing in SIXES book.

al fresco

Receptive and peaceful settings encountered within the outdoor nature.


My al fresco pieces depict the solace I experience while immersed in nature. 


Motion and time applied to photography yield dreamlike settings. Including these techniques together with al fresco photography provide a means for me to create reflective and flowing images.


These images are the beginning of a new body of work titled "landscape incognito."


My photographic art grouped by location. Each location has special meaning to me, often it is a place I visit repeatedly. These places have had a unique effect on me, photographically, artistically, and/or intellectually. 

KJB Images | Fine Art Photography | Deerfield Beach, FL USA

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