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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Looking Back—with Perspective—Offers Hope for 2021

At the end of 2019, like many, I had big plans, scheduled trips, and great expectations for 2020. Then in March, we went into lockdown and I began living in “pandemic mode.”

The poem (too—oh, two oh) arrived early Christmas morning as I reflected on the year that was ending—2020. These words overflowed my heart, spilling out on to paper.

May your 2020 reflections provide a shining light to all as you enter 2021.

too—oh, two oh

Poem reflects on 2020, while the sun sets over the ocean. Photographer and poet Kent Burkhardsmeier offers his 2020 reflections in a poem.
Sun Sets on 2020


two oh—where . . . will . . . we go

we’ll travel to spain and uk

visiting seattle, atlanta, and dallas,

photographing georgia, europe, and california—

we’ll enjoy holidays and celebrate wedding vows,

commemorating birthdays—leap seven . . .

eighty . . . fifty . . . thirty . . . and . . . two oh,


two oh—how . . . will . . . you go

world’s too flat to hide—oh no

it went viral, too fast to grasp

with too shallow to lead and too fake for reality

so many followers to flatten, too late—

too racist—too privileged—too white to know,

we burn too hot, we consume too much— too polluted for our earth,

to many. . . too painful. . . too long,


two oh—when . . . will . . . you . . . go

enduring, I seek my lining to turn silver—

coping, will I see a rainbow in two oh

its passion red and creative orange to change me

plus yellow wisdom balanced with green—to bring order,

adding heavenly blue and indigo intuition—to calm me

then top with violet’s inspiration—

I see a rainbow’s glory is in its colors—

I must live . . . each . . . color,


two oh—how . . . must . . . I go

I grew, sitting in stillness with nature

I heard, listening from my soul

I saw, opening up my chest

I tasted, savoring from within

I touched, feeling deep down

I understood, learning all . . . with my heart,


two oh—where . . . did . . . you go

now . . . I see,

this . . . I know

it is in me, too



Connecting with Nature Offers Messages of Hope

Learn how I connected with nature during the pandemic to cope with anxieties and end my creative slump by reading: Photography, Poetry, Publishing.

©2021 All Rights Reserved Kent J Burkhardsmeier


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