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7 Occasions to Gift a Coffee Table Book

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The best occasions to buy a photobook

Photobooks make great Coffee Table Books

Every home seems to have one, if not 3, oversized book lying flat, relaxing on a table or bookshelf. Affectionately, we refer to these hardcovered books as coffee table books — where we love to prominently display them in our living room.

Alternatively, we might refer to these books as tabletop books, photographic art books, art books or simply photobooks. Typically, these literary tomes are non-fiction and pictorial with small blocks of text.

Captivating images with complimentary text bound by elegant, yet simplistic, material makes for an alluring coffee table book. With visual inspiration that can invoke positive feelings of awe and reminiscence, they bring tactile beauty to the realm of our digital daily life—accenting our home’s décor.

As an author of two coffee table books, I am always curious to learn how the owner obtained their tabletop book(s). Did they buy them? Receive as a gift? Or perhaps both, like me! And have they given any books? I have gifted several photobooks.

Let’s explore the top reasons for buying a coffee table book, either as a gift for someone or for yourself.

Best Events and Holidays to Buy a Photobook as a Gift

Photographic art books make perfect gifts! Coffee table books furnish beauty and intrigue as a statement piece of artwork when given as a gift.

The 7 perfect occasions for giving someone a magnificent tabletop sized photobook:

Mother’s Day—photobooks that combine beautiful images and poetry can be an inspirational, long-lasting gift for a mother, grandmother, aunt, daughter, niece or the special other “mother.” She will remember your gift fondly every time she sees it.

It is Never too early — don't wait!

Father’s Day—photobooks filled with outdoor scenery make a great gift for the hard-to-find father. He can place it in his den, office, or next to his favorite lounge chair. He’ll love sharing it with his friends.

It is Never too early — don't wait!

Birthdays—like Mother’s and Father’s gifts, coffee table books make wonderful and distinctive birthday gifts. They even outlast a nice shirt!

Housewarming—coffee table books work everywhere, a living room, bedroom, dining room, family room, and even a bathroom. These books are versatile, complimenting every décor and can even mingle with other photobooks—the ideal housewarming gift!

Going Away—when a neighbor, friend or work colleague moves away, photobooks make a great departure gift. They will offer remembrance and comfort for the recipient in their new home.

Appreciation—a coffee table book delivers a warm and caring Thank You when given as a gift of gratitude. They are such a thoughtful gift when bought with the receiver in mind.

Get Well—photobooks with beautiful scenery and inspirational poems aid those recovering from illness and injuries. Nature scenes can help someone cope with stress and anxiety while distracting their mind “into a space” for relaxation and solace.

Any occasion and any time are ideal reasons to give someone a beautiful photobook.

5 Reasons to Buy a Photobook for Yourself.

You Deserve One, Too!

Photographic art books also make great gifts for yourself! Buy one, or 2, it is completely acceptable! There are many reasons why these literary creations attract our attention and why we enjoy adorning our homes with them. Some benefits of photobooks include:

Self-Expression—a subtle yet bold way of expressing ourselves to guests. Within their pages, the images, and/or words convey our style, tastes, and even aspirations.

Emotional Respite—when the reader opens the photobook, leaf through the pages, enters each image, and reads every word they offer emotional respite. Landscape photobooks bring nature’s benefits indoors. Their words and images stimulate our imagination and calm our soul.

Art Appreciation—coffee table books are works of art created through curated colors, texture, images, writings, composition, style, and layout. One gains insight into the artist through a body of work in an affordable means (space and price).

Entertainment—a well-placed photobook can act as a conversational starter offering guidance, sparking imagination, provoking thoughts, and providing enjoyment.

Décor—an entire collection of visual and literary art contained within a single binding. They offer a perfect way to add a ‘touch of class’ to any room. These oversized books accentuate a room’s décor – the finishing touch.

Well-designed photobooks make fabulous gifts and valued purchases. They offer education, entertainment, appreciation, inspiration, and are timeless.

You can never go wrong with a beautiful, unique coffee table book.


“books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house” — Henry Ward Beecher




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