Head West—August Travel Anthology

travel stories with landscape photographic artist

kent j burkhardsmeier

9 more miles

Luscious and peaceful Hidden Lake within Glacier National Park
Inner Peace Lies Below Stormy Layers

how much longer?

are we there yet?

how far to the next rest area?

9 more miles

9 more miles segment is a place where I share random road tidbits along the way during my capturing whispers from nature adventures.

The Northern Route - North Dakota to Seattle, Washington

Pine trees standing tall alongside Flathead Lake in Montana
Standing Tall

"Head West" was the calling during the month of August. The goal was to meet up with family in Seattle, WA by the end of August. To arrive here at the expected time, I would have to traverse over 1,100 miles through four states.

The month began by observing bison and mustangs, hiking buttes, and photographing the Badlands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.