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The First Trip in an RV — Bon Voyage

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

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kent j burkhardsmeier

9 more miles

The First Trip in an RV — Bon Voyage

(July 1 - July 5)

Lone Pine, CA

screen shot showing 9 more miles to my first destination

Whispers hitches up to Criss. Wheels turn, and its off to Lone Pine, California!

The maiden voyage begins.

“just 9 more miles”

We pull into Boulder Creek RV Park, Lone Pine, CA for the first night of my new lifestyle as a roving photographic artist.

Lone Pine is situated along the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and west of Death Valley National Park. The town's namesake, a lone pine tree at the base of the valley leading up to Mount Whitney, no longer stands but that doesn't stop people from visiting the area. Mount Whitney is the highest mountain in the contiguous USA (14,505 ft)

Lavender Harvest in Lone Pine

Lavendar blossoms

Besides views of majestic peaks and the rambling rock formations of the Alabama Hills, Lone Pine features an organic lavender farm (de la cour ranch) where you pick your own lavender during harvest season (mid-June through July).

white lavender blossoms

De La Cour organically grow French and English lavender as part of their eco-farm and ranch. They grow the rare white lavender alongside the dark purple varieties.

You can buy their lavender products from a store located along US-395 in Lone Pine. But nothing beats walking among blooming lavender, savoring the aromatic scents of lavender, and feeling calmness permeating while cutting your own bundle of lavender to take home!

lavender farm near Lone Pine CA

De La Cour Ranch 5000 Horseshoe Meadow Road, Lone Pine, CA

highway us-9 shield

how much longer?

are we there yet?

how far to the next rest area?

9 more miles

9 more miles segment is a place where I share random road tidbits along the way during my capturing whispers from nature adventures.


In case you are wondering "are we there yet?"


“just 9 more miles”


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