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How Green Nature Wall Art Makes Your Home or Office Space More Soothing

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Viewing Nature images enhances well-being and balances emotions.

Have you ever noticed a refreshed feeling while in the lush green outdoors?

Have you ever felt calmer while looking at photographs with Nature's green?

Have you ever lost sense of time while gazing at an image of a green forest?

Have you ever pondered the color green in Nature?

Colors and Nature have immense capacity to positively alter our well-being. Research has shown we receive numerous therapeutic benefits from color psychology, color therapy, and ecotherapy. Nature embodies benefits from each of these. [Cherry 2022, Bassett 2020, MacKerron 2013, Clay 2001]

Nature photography containing green tones comforts us because both the color green and Nature are biologically soothing. Viewing images that combine natural landscape and its colors, allows us to connect with Nature and receive these same benefits when we are not able to be physically outdoors.

Adding green, nature wall art to your home or office space can make that space a more soothing place.

Nature proclaims rebirth, renewal, and healthiness through the color green!

Why Green is Easy on the Eyes: How we Perceive the Color

The primary colors of sight are red, green, and blue (RGB). The central color of our visual color spectrum is green.

Our eyes contain three color receptors called cone cells, one for each primary color. We have twice as many green cones as red or blue cones, so green is the least complex color for us to perceive.

This means green is easy on the eyes—allowing our mind to rest. Research shows that walking in Nature or viewing images of Nature can improve attention. [Berman, Jonides, and Kaplan 2008]

Green is Nature's color of spring and summer.

During spring, Nature wakens from her winter dormancy with outbursts—in every imaginable shade of green. As spring transitions into summer, grasses sprout, wildflowers bloom, and trees bud.

All the while, the sun beams radiantly, birds sing cheerfully, and squirrels scurry playfully. People smile more often and generally, feel healthier.

The environment feels more alive! It feels therapeutic.

Photosynthesis: Plant's Green Pigment Renews Our Cells

Nature’s green sustains life through its transformational superpower—photosynthesis!

The green pigment of plants (chlorophyll) is vital for photosynthesis. It enables them to absorb energy from light while releasing oxygen. There is nothing more nourishing to our body than several deep breaths of fresh oxygen from Nature—filling our lungs and renewing our cells.

I love breathing deeply while walking through a forest of pine trees as the sun filters down through its canopy. Fresh oxygen mixed with refreshing scent of pine, invigorates me. Even looking at an image of the forest, like the one above, reminds me to take some cleansing breaths. These deep breathes calm my nerves and help me focus.

Oxygen is the essence for our life; we entered the world with our first breath, and we will depart it with our last breath.

Green Positivity Hardwired in Our Brains

The color of green is the color of our ancestors — forest dwelling, hunter-gathers. Early humans thrived in settings where there was an abundant source of food and water. Their habitats provided shelter from predators and atmospheric elements. Their social communities flourished in these surroundings.

As I walked into a forest of Redwood trees (shown), I was overcome with feelings of welcome, community, safety, and peace. Each time I view this image I feel at peace.

Evolutionary refinement from our biological past hardwired the color green to feelings of well-being, a sense of comfort, and of security into our brains. [Fritscher 2020]

12 Color Psychological Effects of Green on Our Feelings

Nature's green bolsters well-being with the emotional superpowers of color psychology and color therapy. Numerous research shows how different colors can influence moods, feelings, behaviors, energy, and even health outcomes. [Osueke 2014, Elliot 2015, Levy 2019, Ohwovoriole 2022]

Because green is a primary color of nature, easy on our eyes and mind, linked to pleasant experiences in nature, and positively hardwired into our ancestorial brain, the color green is most often associated with these psychological benefits to our well-being:










Sense of Space



"Green's calming effects might derive from its association with Nature." – Kendra Cherry

Invite Green Nature Inside

Green imparts comfort with an awareness of balance and harmony, bolstering peace and well-being within us.

Imagine waking up and seeing refreshing Nature during your morning routine.

Imagine returning home after a difficult day to a place of comfort and well-being.

Imagine glancing at a calming photograph of Nature periodically during the day at your workplace.

Nature images can restore our mind, body, heart, and soul.

Wall art can enliven the décor of our interior spaces.

Photographic art books filled with Nature landscape images can provide an emotional respite and accentuate a room's décor. Read more. . .

Add wall art of Nature's green into your home or work environment and experience comfort.


Share a comment below on your positive experience from adding green Nature photographs into your home or office.


Elisabeth Murray
Elisabeth Murray
Aug 31, 2022

Love your Nature pictures! They transmit peace, stillness and make me want to be in the exact same spot. That's why I keep looking at them all over again. Great work also on your texts. Well done, keep enjoying what you do.

Replying to

Thank you Elisabeth! I am glad they speak to you in a similar language as they do for me. Thank you. 😀

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