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Preparing to RV — My Experience

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

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kent j burkhardsmeier

9 more miles


Preparing to RV - My Experience as a First-Time RVer

(June 1 - June 30)

stationary in Del Mar, California

I didn't travel anywhere during June while preparing the newly acquired rig. So, I couldn't say: “9 more miles.”

Instead, it felt more like "9 more days" or "9 more hours" was the rally cry. Some days I needed 9 more days to finish the work necessary to prepare the RV. Other days, I couldn't wait to get on the road and wished there were only 9 more hours until departure.

Kent Burkhardsmeier and wife begin RV life
First-Time RVers

My wife and I are first time RVers.

We had never owned an RV, pulled a 5th wheel, nor driven a diesel truck until June, 2021. So everything has been new for us. With the Florida condo for sale, we've committed to full time RVing for the time being. But first, we needed to outfit our rig to be our home, transportation, and a studio office.

Where do you begin? The internet—of course!

Searching the internet, lead to some great resources that helped with critical lessons for first-timers, essential RV items, useful tips, as well as RV modification ideas. An RV task list was generated while devouring YouTube videos, subscribing to newsletters, and consuming blog articles.

The RV task list focused on:

  • Converting the RV queen bed to an RV king bed

  • Converting the garage space to studio office for two

  • Creating two secure overhead storage spaces

  • Replacing stock recliners with Euro-recliners and a dining table

  • Buying and Installing an RV washer/dryer comb unit

  • Purchasing two bikes

  • Setting up a mobile infrastructure

  • Adding decals to the RV and business magnets to the truck

  • Provisioning the RV and truck with food, personal items, supplies, etc.

  • Learning how to assemble sewer lines, shoreline, and plumbing at a campsite

Charlie Noel, contractor out of San Diego, remodeled the bed, cabinet, and garage to our specifications, allowing me time to procure and assemble other components to the RV like the water filtration system.

Of course, learning how to drive, back-up, and park a 40 ft rig was essential before departing. Bob Hill of RV Basic Training provided the insight, guidance, tips, and confidence to pull out on the road.

There are many people sharing their know-how available on the internet. But, these people and sites have been extremely useful for this first-time RVer. I hope to meet them along the way at one of our rest stops.

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how much longer?

are we there yet?

how far to the next rest area?

9 more miles

9 more miles segment is a place where I share random road tidbits along the way during my capturing whispers from nature adventures.


Meanwhile, in case you are wondering "are we there yet?"

My response is:


“9 more miles”


Safe travels and we can't wait to read all about it and see the amazing images you will be creating!

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Does that ever really happen? 😂 Seems like I'm always behind on processing and posting!


Sandra Robert
Sandra Robert
Jul 23, 2021

Can’t imagine a better way to travel ,being in communion with nature ,together with your soul mate


Mark Dreyer
Mark Dreyer
Jul 13, 2021

you two are living the dream . what an adventure

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Thanks Mark! Looking forward to passing through Blue Ridge area and giving you a tour.


Can't wait for the next installment - I'll be watching your new adventure diligently. Most of all - HAVE FUN!!!

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Thanks Miri!


Love it! Can't wait to read all about your adventures!!! Enjoy!

Replying to

Thanks Brandy! So far it is going well!

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